I’m so confused. I thought that coffee was a cancer fighter. No, this isn’t why I suck down a pot or two a day, but it doesn’t hurt.

So here’s why I’m confused- the World Health Organization has just issued a report saying that coffee is no longer considered cancerous...unless it's scalding hot.

Wait, when did coffee become cancerous? How did I miss that news? Well, according to the Associated Press, it’s not so much that the coffee is cancerous as it is that the temperature at which it’s served that can cause a person to develop cancer.

The World Health Organization used China, Iran and South America as examples of places where beverages are served at insanely hot temperatures, over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Apparently the United States and Europe doesn’t serve coffee that hot- and that’s good news for us.

The World Health Organization says that when coffee is served so hot, it increases a person’s chances of developing esophageal cancer.

In other words- let your coffee cool a little bit before sipping if you don’t want to risk the chance of developing cancer.

Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society told the Associated Press, "As a heavy coffee drinker, I have always enjoyed my coffee guilt-free, but now there is scientific evidence to justify that."

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