It is a day dedicated to the one fried dough concoction we've all grown up with. Whether you like it cream filled, chocolate glazed, or just an old school plain, the donut has become an iconic treat.

Today is National Donut Day, so why not eat some of these tasty cakes.

Here is how you can score some free donuts today!

Dunkin Donuts- Buy any drink on June 1st and you are going to make out like a bandit. You buy a drink at any participating Dunkin Donuts locations and you will score a free donut! They are also releasing their new iced coffee flavor: S'mores!

Krispy Kreme- We all know you can walk into a Krispy Kreme and grab a free, hot glazed right off the donut line. It just so happens that on June 1st, you can chose any donut of their menu and its completely free at participating locations.

Wal Mart- Really?! Really. Wal Mart wants to hand out 1 million free donuts on June 1st! Every single Wal Mart in America is getting in on the National Donut Day celebration. Every customer will receive one free donut while in store!

Let us know if any of your favorite local donuts spots are doing anything special today!

Find more freebies here.

[via TODAY]

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