With the temperatures dropping again, its time to prepare myself for the inevitable. The temps go down and my dry skin goes up. Lots of people struggle with dry skin during the winter months. The dry and cold air combined with the immediate blast of heat when you walk indoors can cause the skin to dry out. This makes for the perfect combination of itchiness and pain.

As I was researching ways to prevent the inevitable, I stumbled across a few tricks to help keep my skin feeling nourished. The most interesting one was using sunscreen. Apparently, sunscreen is meant to be used year-round! The glare cause by the sun reflecting off the snow can actually cause irritation to the skin. If you plan on working or being outside for a long time in the winter, sunscreen is a good idea.

Heating systems can cause the air in your home or office to become extremely dry and skin damaging. The heat basically eliminates the natural moisture in the air. A humidifier can solve this problem and actually prevent the drying of your skin.

A hot shower on a cold day is usually the perfect remedy. The heat and steam are the instant cure to the freezing temperatures outside. However, this hot shower can actually cause skin to dry out. Experts say to use warm water instead of blazing hot. The extreme hot water can actually break down lipid barriers and cause the skin to lose its natural moisture. They also say a bath in lukewarm oatmeal water can help you combat that winter dry skin.

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