Last summer my family went on one of the most incredible ten-day vacations. We didn't go anywhere exotic and we really didn't spend much money on our trip, keeping things under a thousand dollars, but our vacation will go down as one of the best of my life.

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My husband and I are homeschoolers and decided we should take advantage of our vacation time to tour the New England Coast, stopping for a couple of days at the beach and then hitting the road to visit as many historic sites as possible.

Our trip started with us driving from our home in Pennsylvania through New York and up into Vermont. We traveled to Kittery Point, Maine where we visited Fort McClary. From there, we stopped in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area to spend a few days at the beach as well as to tour some property once owned by my husband's ancestors, the first governors of New Hampshire.

We left New Hampshire and ventured into Massachussteetess where we spent a day exploring historic Salem. The following day, we visited Plymouth Plantation, the Mayflower III, and Plymouth Rock. From there, we explored Cape Cod and then landed at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Leaving Massachusettes, we hugged the coast, stopping at quaint towns in Rhode Island and Connecticut where we ended up spending a couple of days to see the Yale University campus, the PEZ Visitors Center, and the Submarine Force Library and Museum.

We visited 21 National Historic Sites and six states in ten days and amazingly, it didn't feel at all like a rushed trip, but there was certainly more we wish we'd been able to see and do.

On the last day of our vacation, my husband, son, and I were extremely melancholy because we knew that our learning adventure was coming to an end and soon we would be thrust back into reality. Each of us fantasized about what it would be like if we could live an endless.

My endless summer dream would be to live in a house on wheels and to travel the world with my husband and son. I'd love for us to be able to take time to allow our brains to become sponges of information while meeting new people from different cultures and then getting paid to share the stories of our adventures with the world.

If you could live an endless summer dream, where would it be? Do you think you'd actually be able to leave the life you live now to go where your heart has been calling? What would you do for income if you were to pack up in pursuit of your endless summer dream? If there was nothing to hold you back, where would you live your endless summer dream?

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