Easter and Easter dinner will be different this year because of the coronavirus. I have family over and we hide 300 eggs and I usually find 3 of them when I mow the lawn. When I say "find", I mean, "I mow over them and the broken plastic egg flies out across the lawn...Good times."

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This year, it'll be different for almost everyone. It'll be the immediate family and only the immediate family. However, it's still good to have manners, not only for Easter but anytime.

When asking for something say "please" and "thank you." This becomes even more helpful when you become married, so learn it young.

Don't interrupt when someone is speaking, unless it's an emergency. Wanting ice cream from the freezer is not an emergency, Dad locked in the freezer is.

Okay, enough with my jokes. I think it's important this year, that we watch what we say around the kids during this difficult time, especially the younger ones. I'm not saying to ignore it all together but if the kids have questions, be there for them.

It's tough when we feel stressed, we don't want to worry the kids but it's something that many are feeling. I'm trying to change my focus and story during this COVID-19 crisis.

I don't have the answers but I know the One that does, so I'm going to let Him handle it. He wasn't surprised by this at all and He's got this, so let Him handle it for you. He can carry the weight a lot better than you and He wants too.

Most important of all this Easter is to remember these two things:

Easter is about the Lamb and not the bunny.

Easter is like Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. In the case of Easter, His resurrection changed EVERYTHING!


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