DJ-ed a wedding this weekend for The newly wedded Westons and they had this family barn decked out! The lights were arranged incredibly. Goes to show that you can make a place look awesome with just some twinkle lights in assorted colors! Check the video out to see what I speak of!

Now the question at hand. How much money do you give as a wedding gift? Most couples want money these days because they spent a boatload on the wedding in the first place and it helps to recoup the costs. The site kept tabs with users in the United States, all 50 of our states gave intel in how much cash they dropped on a wedding gift. The results were varied across states and seasons.

Summertime weddings hit the highest average at $174.  Winter weddings...  the lowest at $147.  I'm guessing because the holidays have our bank accounts drained to begin with.

Vermont was the biggest gifter at $245.
Rhode Island, $235
Connecticut, $200
New Jersey, $198
and here in New York, $191.

Arkansas had the lowest gift total - $73.



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