David and Jennifer Butler got married last Saturday near Punta Gorda, Florida. And the ceremony was great, but the reception? Turns out, not so much.

Jennifer's maid of honor, 35 year old friend named Amanda Willis, immediately got completely hammered 20 minutes into the reception by chugging a bottle of Fireball.

Then she started asking for people's keys, grabbed the best man's keys out of his pocket and tried to drive off with his car. She almost ran him down in the parking lot while she was backing up. Then he hung onto the door, got dragged through the parking lot and had to pull the emergency brake to stop her. Guests wrestled her out of the drivers seat and escorted her back into the reception. Where... she began to chug a bottle of Captain Morgan and punched a guy in the face.

When police arrived, she pretended to have a seizure. So they took her to a hospital where she exposed herself, attacked two EMTs, and kicked over a bedpan. It turns out she's been arrested at least eight other times and was on probation. She's been charged with battery, larceny, and grand theft auto.

Jennifer the new bride says they're not friends anymore. Do you blame her?



(Via: WBBH)

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