Before a single one of us even makes so much as a peep of a complaint about the insane hours we work, we need to pause and consider that in South Korea, a recent proposal would increase the hours in an employee's work week from 52 hours to 69 hours.

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Suddenly, the standard 40 hours work week doesn't seem all that awful, does it?

However, not all, but most of us who are salaried employees know full well that the idea of a 40-hour work week is generally a thing of the past as we work well beyond our hours. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons but for the most part, it's because businesses have cut job positions, graciously heaping more on our overflowing plates with laughable raises, if any.

Following the news of South Korea wanting to increase the hours in an employee's work week, the law firm Bisnar Chase commissioned QuestionPro to survey 3,000 employees to find out how they would feel if more hours were to be added to the average work week.

We admit- this took us by surprise. We absolutely thought that New Yorkers would dig in their heels and say no way to adding more working hours to the day. However, we were wrong. A little.

New Yorkers, it would seem, are willing to work more hours, but not a lot more. Surveyed New Yorkers say they'd be willing to work a 44.3-hour work week which is only 4.3 hours more than the standard work week.

As a whole, Americans said they'd be okay with working 44.4 hours in a week but in what can only be considered as a collective sucking up to the boss move, the people of Delaware said they'd be okay with working 47.5 hours in a week. On the other hand, the people of Montana want to ride their horses and stuff. They said no way to working more than one extra hour a week.

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