Sometimes it's hard to realize how hot fitness is in the Binghamton area unless you are at a popular gym every day during the busy hours and you see the dedication and enthusiasm. Then when you see events in Binghamton like the recent Bridge Run that brought out thousands of runners, you realize, it's not just in the gyms.

Then you have those people that want to get into it or just try something new or mix it up a bit. That's what the Hot Cross Run is all about. You don't have to be a runner or into CrossFit or yoga at all. In fact, you can come just to watch if you like! But if you do register, one thing is certain, you will maximize your fun meter and blow your mind with all the fun you will have.

In fact, here are 10 reasons why you need to experience the Hot Cross Run at Binghamton's Otsiningo Park, Saturday June 18 and register now right HERE.

  1. You have always been curious about hot yoga
  2. You already do hot yoga and want to introduce it to your friends
  3. You've heard about CrossFit but really don't know much about it
  4. You love CrossFit and want to kick it up a couple of notches
  5. You really want to try or want to prove you can do a 2-mile run
  6. You want to start feeling good about yourself again
  7. You want to look good for the beach and this is the start
  8. You want to learn about new techniques
  9. You want to be around fit people who meet their goals
  10. It sounds like a fun day outside

Click HERE to sign up for the Hot Cross Run in Binghamton June 18!  I'll see you there!