An avid New York hunter has bagged the biggest buck of his career and he's been hunting for a long time.

Tom Kaczmarek spends every waking moment in the woods when he's not working. On October 6, five days into hunting season, the Basom, New York hunter brought down an 11 point buck he's been watching for years. "I sucked him in from my neighbor's property," said Kaczmarek. "Most mature bucks are nocturnal but this one was so comfortable on my land. He walked around all day every day."

The Genesee County hunter knew there was a lot of interest in this buck and wanted to get him before anyone else. "I noticed a lot of cars around my property of hunters waiting to get their shot. But I wanted him first."

Those hunters will have to find another buck to bag this year. Kaczmarek did get him first. "I blanked out for a few seconds when I finally got him. Then I realized it was the perfect shot that hit the perfect deer. What an adrenaline rush."

Credit - Tom Kaczmarek
Credit - Tom Kaczmarek

The 179 inch 11 point buck everyone was hoping to bag this season will soon be on Kaczmarkek's wall. Although he's not sure which wall. "I've taken over an entire room with mounts and euro skulls and have now moved into our living room. I'm running out of space."

Kaczmarek has plenty of time to find space while the deer is being mounted at Wandering Trails Taxidermy by Ashley. "I found her a few years ago and she does a wonderful job but it'll take several months before it's finished."

It's not just deer Kaczmarkek hunts either. He was lucky enough to bring down a bear on a friend's property. "He said it was the first bear he'd seen in 4 years and I shot him after only two hours of sitting in the stand."

Kaczmarek has dozens of New York State Archery Record Book bucks but says it's about more than just the kill for him. "It's the thrill of the chase, catching one on camera. I'm fully invested times ten."

So how will Kaczmarkek top this year's deer? "I thought the same thing in 2004 when I shot one that was 167 inches but it happened. I'll just keep trying until it happens again."

Holy Buck! New York Hunter Bags Biggest Deer of His Career

A New York hunter bagged the biggest deer of his career. Tom Kaczmarek has dozens of archery record book bucks but in 2021 he brought down an 11 point buck every hunter has been watching. Check out the big one and all the others he's killed over the years.

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