Are you having a hard time determining what to get someone for the holidays? Hoffman Car Wash has several options to help you make someone’s day shine a little brighter. With 31 locations, Hoffman Car Wash is selling a variety of memberships, wash cards, or gift cards this holiday season.

Buying a car wash as a gift serves multiple purposes. Taking the time to clean your car, especially during the winter, is helpful in getting off the salt and other items the cleaning crews put on the roads after it snows. Not only that but cleaning your car also can make you look and feel good.

Hoffman Car Wash’s most popular holiday gift, which is 90 days of unlimited washing, can be chosen on a few different "levels." This means if you want 90 days with signature washing, you can. You can also choose between their ultimate or signature options.

If you don’t think the person you’re gifting it to will use it to its full extent, you can also choose among cards for exterior, full service, touch-free washes or more.

Something else to keep in mind is that the vacuum services are free at Hoffman Car Wash. This option is much easier than trying to make sure you’ve cleaned up every last crumb in the back seat from kids or other company before a timer runs out.

If you’re in a rush and want your gift from Hoffman Car Wash fast, you can order online and have it delivered via email. If you’d rather have a physical item to have someone, you can also choose to send the gift card to yourself via USPS for free.

Don’t shrug off buying your gifts, head to Hoffman Car Wash’s website now and get started on buying items for the people on your list.

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