A Montrose man has escaped injury in spite of a reckless hit and run driver sending a construction cone crashing into his windshield at 3:53 p.m. April 7.

Photo by Bob Joseph WNBF
Photo by Bob Joseph WNBF

Pennsylvania State Police say the unidentified driver of the first vehicle was in the right lane of Interstate 81 north, just east of High Ridge Road in Lenox Township and the victim in the left lane when the driver of the first vehicle tried to pass the victim and hit at least two construction cones, causing one to fly into the 24-year-old Montrose man’s windshield, smashing it.

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The driver of the first vehicle drove off without stopping.

The Montrose man was able to safely pull over to the right shoulder of the road.

Troopers did not have a description of the suspect vehicle or driver.

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