Susquehanna County Interfaith, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the residents of Susquehanna County, is gearing up for an exciting fundraiser, "Bid for the Building," designed to raise funds to maintain their three vital facilities.

Scheduled for April 26, 2024, at the Susquehanna County Interfaith Montrose building located at 526 Church Street in Montrose, ‘Bid for the Building’ promises to be a night of community engagement and generosity.

The fundraiser aims to support the diverse range of essential programs provided by Susquehanna County Interfaith. From assisting with fuel, utilities, and rent to providing educational support and nurturing artistic talents, the organization is a pillar of support for the community. Plus, their back-to-school shoe and backpack program, Christmas program, grief counseling, dream camps for junior high students, and open art programs have made a significant impact on the lives of many.

The "Bid for the Building" fundraiser is set to be a silent auction event featuring appetizers and insightful community impact information. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., and all are welcome to attend. The proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit the organization's Gas Card Program. This initiative ensures that individuals have access to gas for transportation to cancer appointments and treatments, a crucial lifeline for many in need.

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Susquehanna County Interfaith is committed to providing assistance with compassion and respect, ensuring that every individual and family can access the support they require. The organization offers emergency assistance, advocacy programs, and resources for personal development, striving to secure a sustainable and dignified future for the community they serve.

The organization offers a multitude of programs aimed at fulfilling the diverse needs of the community. From emergency assistance to the Back-to-School Shoe Program, and from adulting classes to the Bountiful Blessings Easter Program, Susquehanna County Interfaith aims to uplift and empower individuals through various initiatives.

One particularly impactful program, Adulting 101, offers a free 10-week group program designed to equip high school students with essential life skills and prepare them for independent living, workforce readiness, and continuing education. Covering a wide array of topics such as interpersonal skills, money management, and personal appearance, this program is invaluable in shaping the future of the youth in the community.

With its commitment to providing support in various facets of life, Susquehanna County Interfaith has successfully woven a safety net of care and empowerment within the community. As they host the "Bid for the Building" fundraiser, their dedication to uplifting and nurturing the community is on full display, and the event promises to be a night of generosity, solidarity, and hope.

With every bid, every purchase, and every contribution, attendees will be making a significant difference in the lives of those in need in Susquehanna County. Learn more about the ‘Bid for the Building’ event and purchase tickets here.

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