I am through and through a dog person. I love watching dumb dog videos online, it usually takes up a good portion of my day even my weekends. Dogs just make you a better person and give you unconditional love.

That being said I am slowly converting to also loving cats. Two of my good friends recently rescued an adorable cat named Yoshie. Rescuing pets is a huge commitment and I commend them for the act. I met little Yoshie the other night and he just a clumsy cute cat. There was no way I could not like such a little innocent kitten.

Side note: the kitty was rescued from the Broome County Humane Society. Check them out here.

I love a good animal video. When I go visit my parents my family and I sit around and watch goofy animal videos. I especially love watching screaming goat videos. It sounds weird but just look them up.

So today I share with an adorable and hilarious pet video. This cat just wants to catch this goldfish and can't because the water is frozen. Enjoy!

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