Skye, a Barred Owl from the Cornell University Raptor Program, went missing on Thursday, April 11th, around 4:00 p.m. and cannot survive on her own, so finding her is imperative.

Skye's handler, who has been training her for several years, was taking her for a routine walk outside when a combination of unfortunate circumstances resulted in Skye flying away. It's important to note that no one was at fault for this unforeseen incident.

Despite having good flight ability, Skye's endurance is limited. Her impaired vision necessitated her residence at Cornell's Raptor Program. Skye can be identified by the leather anklets and short green jesses that hang from her feet. She may still have a leash, approximately 2 1/2 feet of thin rope, attached to the jesses, although it could have fallen out during her escape.

It is believed that Skye may still be located near Cornell University which is located in Ithaca. However, the public needs to be aware that the trails at the university are not open to the public and that help is needed looking outside of university grounds.

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The Cornell University Raptor Program reports that it has received some promising leads from community members who heard a barred owl in the Varna area. As a result, they have been actively searching by driving through the region and exploring the trails in that vicinity.

It's important to keep in mind that Skye can fly a few miles and may continue moving away or potentially settle in a specific area. As such, the Cornell University Raptor Program is unable to determine her exact whereabouts and they have not yet received confirmation that the barred owl calls were indeed Skye. Any direction is possible at this point.

The Cornell University Raptor Program deeply appreciates the ongoing support and assistance they have received from everyone in the search for Skye however, people must remember to respect private property while searching.

Please call 907-388-4485 immediately if you have any information, as every lead could bring Skye closer to a safe return.

The Cornell Raptor Program, established in 1993, serves as a platform for Cornell undergraduate students and community members to actively engage in the conservation efforts of birds of prey.

The Raptor Program focuses on four main areas: student and public education programs on raptor conservation and natural biology, participation in research endeavors involving raptors, captive propagation and release of selected raptorial species, and rehabilitation of sick or injured raptors.

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