I've trained Maggie to the point where she knows vocal tones very well. I don't have to yell at the dog or take the paper to couch cushion cause she hates the noise. But never in my life have I felt that I had to sink my teeth into her to teach her a lesson! But this guy....

A 30-year-old guy in Brevard County, Florida named Zachary Kelly and his family has a four-month-old puppy named Phoebe, and she's adorable.

He says she was acting up earlier this week, which is what normal puppies do. Welp, he decided to discipline her to, "teach the dog a lesson."  How?  By biting her. His brother stepped in and told him that was abuse. So what did Zachary do? Snarled, turned his face toward his brother and proceeded to bite HIM, too.  He was arrested for animal cruelty and battery.  Fortunately Phoebe and Zachary's brother are both doing okay after being bitten.

No vampyric tendencies have been reported from any canine or humans involved in the teething.



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