Central New York may be better than many other regions of the state, but people still don't like New York for many reasons. One state next door wants to pay you to high tail it out.

I had seen quite some time ago that Vermont was looking to boost its population and to have people move to the Green Mountain state. Apparently, they still want to do so as they are looking to re-up this incentive to pack up the boxes and head on over. I think, if you're living in New York state and you hate it, the thought of moving roughly two hours away isn't too bad. That is about how long it takes to get to Bennington from Marcy. This way you still can swing back to CNY from time to time to see family and friends.

Its evident many people all across New York have been leaving in record numbers for the past decade. In fact, just this week our sister station WIBX reported that New York actually will be losing a congressional seat due to the population loss. Currently, Governor Cuomo is looking into legal action to see if there is anything that can be done to stop that from happening. That would of course be because the population was only 89 people away from maintaining said congressional seat.

You can find out more about Vermont wanting to re-up the moving incentive here from News 10.

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