Does anyone still play wiffle ball?

Back was I was a kid, the only thing that mattered to me besides what time the ice cream truck was going to come by our house was the game of Wiffle Ball! My friend Frankie and I would play a 7 inning game of my favorite summertime game any second we could.

Up until I was 11 years old I lived in Nassau county out on Long Island, and next to the house I lived in was a parking lot that we painted up to make a Wiffle ball field. We put out duct tape lines that we used to determine what type of hit you got. For example, if you hit it past the first line it was a single, past the second it was a double and so on, over the fence was a home run.

We took it so seriously that we kept stats all summer long with batting averages and everything. I even had my own bat that I doctored up to make the ball go further. I used black electrical tape on the handle of the bat and for some reason anytime I made contact the ball would go further...LOL!

Is anyone still playing Wiffle Ball anymore? I've asked my kids to play so many times and every time I ask, they turn me down and would rather play soccer or basketball. Is Wiffle Ball dead? What do you think?

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