I root relentlessly for Tim Tebow. The guy is a model citizen, a man of morals, a role model, and a heck of a good baseball player.

He has been a bright light here in Binghamton for the last few months. Tebow-Mania has taken Binghamton over. From t-shirts, to burritos, to a beer made by Beer Tree, It has been Tebow Time in Binghamton for quite sometime.

The news of Tim Tebow being place on the 7-Day Disabled List crushed me. Tim brought a certain electricity to NYSEG Stadium and the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. Tim benefited from having players like Peter Alonso, Levi Michael, and Patrick Mazeika around him. People who normally wouldn't attend games checked out the Ponies for the first time and were exposed to all the talent the AA Mets affiliate have and the great job the staff at NYSEG Stadium does for 100+ games a year.

All that being said, we may have seen the last of the former Heisman Trophy winner in Broome County.

WICZ's Kiley Farrell is reporting that a source close to the Rumble Ponies claims that Tim Tebow has a broken right hamate bone and it is possible that he may need surgery. With a recovery time of 6-8 weeks, this could result in Tebow missing the rest of the season.

But what about next season?

It is now widely known that the Syracuse Chiefs affiliation with the Washington Nationals is coming to an end in 2019. The New York Mets will then begin a new affiliation with the AAA team.

If the Mets organization's goal is to seruously develop a guy like Tim Tebow, his next likely landing spot is one step closer to the team up north. The big leagues Mets are struggling to say the least this season, and Tebow could eventually provide a bright spot for the team.

Just this season Tebow has seen a 12-game hitting streak and a .273 average with six home runs and 36 RBIs. His growth and development is evident and resulted in representing the Rumble Ponies in the Eastern League All-Star Game.

Tebow's development and growth is no longer an ESPN ratings ploy or a chance to push new merchandise on fans of a new team, it is a serious venture. If the Mets and the front office are serious about making Tebow a major league caliber player, his days in Binghamton may be over.

I will continue rooting for Tim Tebow wherever he may go. Selfishly, I would like him to stay in Binghamton. Syracuse may be the best thing for Tebow, and his dream of making the big times.

If we have seen the last of Tim Tebow in Binghamton, I feel like a speak for everyone in saying:

"Thanks, Tim."


ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Tim Tebow is indeed done for the season. He tweeted this out:

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