We are wrapping up "National Dog Week", I gave you some tips/tricks on how you could get your best friend's dog to like you as much as you like your friend. Well, even the most well-mannered dog can misbehave. Here are some ways to handle these situations.

Your Dog Jumps Up On Friends When They Visit

Whenever my brother-in-law comes to visit, my dog CJ wants to jump up on him because he is so excited to see him. My brother-in-law won't pet him until CJ puts all four paws on the ground.

If you give attention to the dog when they jump, you are reinforcing their behavior. He also crouches down to CJ's level and that also stops him from jumping.

The Dog Leaves An Unwelcome Gift In Your Yard

I live along a popular street and I see many people taking their dogs for a walk in front of my place. Many a time, when the dog is in front of my house, they decide that now is the time to heed the call of nature.

More times than not, the owner takes care of the present but sometimes they don't. So what should I do?

First of all, I don't overreact, because the owner may have run out of bags. I thought about putting up a sign saying "need a bag, take a bag, take it with you" with dog poo bags attached.

A Dog That's Off Its Leash Approaches You

We've all had that happen at one time or another. The experts say to watch the dog's body language. If the tail is high, the dog's mouth is pursed or the dog seems stiff, the dog could be stressed and bite.

Stay calm, don't yell, and try to find something to put a barrier between you and man's best friend.

They say that dogs are man's best friend but I can never get CJ to lend me $20.

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