The first full week of September is "National Dog Week." Earlier this week, I tried to help out the men and tell them about the top dogs to get if they wanted man's best friend to help them to attract a lady.

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So have you ever gone to a friend's house and the dog just doesn't seem to be into you? Well do what I did and turn to Cosmopolitan for the answer.....What? Isn't that where everyone turns for animal advice?

Ways To Trick Your Friend's Dog Into Loving You

Bring treats. I'm starting with the obvious one here. I have a Brittany spaniel named CJ. Whenever my brother-in-law, Johnny V comes over, he brings a treat in each of his front pockets. He's turned CJ into a Pavlov dog, Johnny V walks into the room and the dog is drooling like a fountain.

Take A Knee. Think about this, you are five feet higher than the dog, so get lower to the animal. Dogs are usually more comfortable when you're on their level. Now you are more like puppy pals.

Take A Off-Leash Walk With The Dog. Even stressed dogs feel more at ease when they can wander a little. This can help to build trust between you and man's best friend.  I realize the downside could be that the dog takes off.

Buy A Toy. Sleep With That Toy. Give That Toy To The Dog. I realize that this takes some thought ahead of time but if nothing else seems to work then give this a try. Buy one of those small tug-of-war ropes and take it to bed with you for a night or two.

Take it with you to your friend's place and the dog will begin to associate your smell with the fun you both have when you play tug-of-war.

If you are looking for something that doesn't take as much planning, then bring a lone sock. Hide it subtly so you don't make it look weird.

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