You should probably stop making the peace sign or having your hand facing the camera in any way in your selfies. Apparently it's now possible to have your fingerprints cloned from a picture.

According to the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, hackers actually have the ability to steal and clone your fingerprints from your pictures.

Now... don't panic and start deleting all of your pictures with your hands in them. It's a pretty complicated process and there's not that much they could do with them if they do steal and clone them. Theres always the possiblity of having your fingerprints all over the scene of a massive jewel heist, or worse yet a murder. But going through all of that work to implicate you would have to be a vendetta against you. Otherwise a nefarious person would just wear a five dollar pair of gloves. But the mere fact that it's possible is pretty crazy.

(Via: Mashable)

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