I feel like this is a trick to make us feel better because these days there's so much awful stuff constantly being shoved down our throats that we could use a break.

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With gyms waiting for their turn to reopen, people are either finding new ways to sneak in exercise or they're not. I've got friends who've pretty much given up on the intense physical side of their once-daily routine and who are now focusing on staying busy and eating healthy to keep their bodies in somewhat decent shape until their gym opens again.

Anyone who's ever been fitness or health-conscious will tell you that cheat days are totally fine...within reason. Like, you're not supposed to go out on your cheat day and toss back a case of beer and three pizzas and think that there won't be consequences.

Until now.

According to Study Finds, you actually can inhale a stupid amount of calories once in a while on your cheat day and it won't lead to any long-term health issues or make you pack on pounds.

In a statement released by the University of Bath, lead researcher Aaron Hengist said, "Our findings show the body actually copes remarkably well when faced with a massive and sudden calorie excess. Healthy humans can eat twice as much as 'full' and deal effectively with this huge initial energy surplus."

I told you it felt like a trick. And it kind of is because this is all based on someone being healthy and how many people think that they're healthy when they really aren't?

Moderation is clearly the key (but it's also so hard when the world is crumbling and you're an emotional eater, isn't it?!?) "Overeating...adds more stored energy to our bodies in the form of fat, which can culminate in obesity if you overeat day after day."

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