The reason that we love vending machines is because they are convenient. If you need a sugar rush at work, there's the office vending machine. Forgot your water? Hit up the vending machine. Cash and credit card options make them even easier to grab and go.

Recently New York's Applestone Meat Company expanded their meat vending machine locations to 3! Yes! Now you can get fresh cut meat 24/7 from a vending machine in Stone Ridge, Hudson and Eastchester, New York. Need raw meat after traditional store hours? Grab some steaks, chops or hot dogs from the machine, which is stocked fresh daily. Meat Company Meat Company
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Here are some other surprising items you can buy from vending machines around the world.

Vending Machines

You can find almost anything in a vending machine today.

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Artist Brian Marselli creates unique pieces of art out of items you may have around the house.



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