Valentine’s Day is Thursday and while giving flowers, chocolates, or jewelry isn’t the worst thing in the world those things aren't exactly creative, are they? If you want to step things up a notch this year, here are four ways to make sure that this is one Valentine's  Day that your love won't ever forget.

  • 1

    Profess Your Love

    You can get a personalized website for as little as $10. Just stick a dot-com or dot-net on the end of your two names together, or try ilove(his or her name).com and upload some photos and a romantic Valentine’s Day message.

  • 2

    An Experience

    A couple years ago my husband and I decided that we're going to save up all the money we WON'T be spending on material gifts, and instead, we'll use that money to gift ourselves with experiences. Is there something your better half has always wanted to do? Now’s the time to do that thing!

  • 3

    Treasure Hunt

    I secretly wish my husband would do this for me because I think it would be so much fun. Hide clues around the house, or in public places and have those clues that lead your Valentine to a treasure. The treasure doesn’t have to be something major, it could be a love note or a bottle of wine. The hunt is where the excitement is.

  • 4

    Photo Gifts

    If you’ve been with your Valentine for a while, you've probably got some really great photos. Send your favorite photos to your local drugstore that offers one-hour printing and then buy some new frames and pop the photos into them. Simple yet sentimental.

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