You can probably think of a dozen things you don't want to hear your lady say, but based on a survey of the men in my world, these four phrases are the ones that strike the most fear in a guy when he hears them uttered.

  • 1

    "I've been thinking..."

    Ask any man and he'll tell you that if a woman actually takes the time to tell you that she's been thinking, you better sit down because it's going to get serious. And you can bet that whatever she's been thinking about will involve marriage, moving in together, or the bitter end.

  • 2

    "My parents want to meet you..."

    I dated a guy who refused to meet my parents until we were almost 5 years in. Obviously his lack of desire to meet my parents didn't bode well and he never gained their favor. If a woman wants you to meet her parents, this means that your relationship is serious, in her mind. If you want to maintain a relationship with her, don't drag your feet- go and meet them. But- know that you're going to be interrogated.

  • 3

    "What are you thinking about?"

    This is pretty much a trap because she knows that what you're thinking about has nothing to do with her. Quickly! Think about something that has to do with her and tell her so. Like that's she's smart. Or pretty. or kind. But, be prepared to elaborate on that thought because she'll most likely follow it up with "what made you think about that?"

  • 4

    'We need to talk."

    Those four words are enough to make any man quiver in his boots. This actually translates to, "I need to talk, and if you know what's good for you- you'll listen."