What does your family do on long car rides? If you said slip on headphones, nap, or play the license plate game, you'd fit right in with the majority of Americans. However, if you said that you spend long hours in the car spewing out random facts to your family, you'd fit right in with mine.

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Last week, my husband, son, and I hit the open road because we needed a change of scenery. We spent the better part of two days just driving and driving. Oh, and throwing out random facts to each other, our favorite thing to do on trips. My husband and I memory bank as many cool facts as we can and save them for road trips.

I know. We sound like a bunch of weirdos but learning about new things is exciting to us. Especially gross new things. Like the one about the wasp turning the cockroach into a zombie. Yes, that's real and if you want to know what it's all about, keep reading...

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