Valentine's Day is Tuesday, February 14th and is your love this year more bitter then sweet? If you said yes, I have an idea for you this year, the past couple of years, zoos around the country have been offering to "help" you through the holiday.

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For the 12th year, the Bronx Zoo is giving you the opportunity to buy a Valentine's roach package that begins at only $15. It's your chance to give that "special" somebody a gift that they will always remember and name a roach after them this year.

Name-a-Roach After Your Loved One For Valentine's Day

If your loved one (or ex) says that you don't spend enough on them for Valentine's Day, then step it up with "The Works" package for $75. You'll get a certificate commemorating the roach that is named after them.

It also includes a virtual visit with the roach (Hissing cockroach), scented roach candle, a "surprise animal guest" and more. That should put a stop to them complaining that you don't do enough for them.

If he/she likes to tell you that you do NOTHING for anyone but yourself, here's your reply: Hey Honey, my Name-a-Roach donation goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society. It probably won't save the marriage but it will "save wildlife and wild places in New York and the world."

You may not the right words to say to her/him this year but you can give them goosebumps for Valentine's Day. Roses and chocolates are temporary but a roach is forever.

Remember when it comes to "Falling in Love", it's not the fall that will get you but the landing. Go here if you're interested or want your questions answered.

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