Every single evening I dream all night of the fresh brewed hot cup of brown goodness that I'll get to wake up and enjoy the next morning. The smell of the dark roast and the hint of cream keeps me going throughout the day, but now there's something new on the market: nail polish.

Why sip your coffee when you can let the caffeine seep through your toes? Because that doesn't sound chemically unstable or anything.

According to Bustle, a company called Nails Inc. has released the world’s first caffeine-infused nail polish, or so they claim.

You can choose from a few different shades including Chai Kiss, Espresso Martini, the sparkly Rise and Grind, or the midday pick-me-up, Afternoon Mocha. All these “flavors” are under Nails Inc. new brand Caffeine Hit.

I have seen caffeine-infused gum, lotion, and even cough drops, but this may take the cake. The company claims that the added caffeine helps to stimulate growth in your fingernails.

Upon further research, it seems the polish won’t give you the extra push you need to get through the day. However, I am willing to give anything a try once, so if you see me wearing socks with sandals, you know my toes have a hint of Expresso Martini on them.

[via Bustle]

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