Eight Winter Hair Care Items to Keep Your Hair Healthy
Winter can be tough on your hair. Whether you use heat to style your hair or you just like hot showers, it can leave your hair damaged and in need of moisture. So I've put together a handy list of products and accessories to help you keep your hair healthy, shiny and damage free!
Good-Bye Gray Hair
Say it isn't so! Scientists now say they think they can stop hair from going gray and might even be able to stop balding!
Women Spend $8 a Day on Thier Face
You ladies make about 80 cents on the dollar compared to dude in the workforce. If they want to look pretty doing it they have to spend a whole lot more!
Researchers recently talked to more than 3,000 women in the U.S., and found the average woman spends $8 a day just on her face...
'80s Fashions Return
I'm not sure if I should run screaming for the hills, or if I should just do my best to embrace the return of my worst fashion decade- the 80's.
DIY Bath Products
The Broome County Public Library is hosting a free DIY Bath Products class. You'll learn how to make a sugar scrub, a lotion bar, and foaming hand soap.