My husband and I have a pretty unique love story, a story with so many twists and turns that I just don’t have the time to tell the whole thing now, but I'll tell you that we started as friends and stayed in the “friend-zone” for almost 10 years before we (and by we, I mean me) were smacked with the feeling that we couldn’t live without each other.

Jay has maintained (and has been backed up by family, friends and former co-workers) that he knew the second he met me that he was going to marry me, which is pretty interesting because the day I met Jay, I was talking to a co-worker about castor oil, of all things. Most men would have run hearing someone talk about that.

Traci Taylor

My sister was pregnant with my niece and desperately wanted the baby to be born and so she was taking castor oil to try to help speed up the the birth process. I was explaining to my co-worker that I thought it was silly and that all it would do is move other, more unpleasant bodily functions along. That’s when I heard a giggle masked by a cough, looked over the cube farm partition and saw the man who would become my husband.

Jay usually worked overnights and since I worked days, we’d never bumped into each other, but he’d just been moved to days and that would forever change our futures. Jay’s first thought when he saw me was that I would make a great mom if I wasn’t one already and that he could see himself married to me. My first thought when I saw him was that he was a cute shy guy who needed some wardrobe help. In my defense, my husband did need help in the wardrobe department. He wore jeans that were four sizes too big, baseball jerseys that hung to his knees, wide brim baseball hats, and brightly colored sneakers.

Traci Taylor

While Jay was struck by love at first sight, I wasn’t. But, that doesn’t mean love, at first sight, doesn’t exist just because it didn't happen that way for me. According to The Voice, TrueView asked hundreds of people questions about love and discovered that when it comes to falling in love, you can’t literally just make it happen. There’s no scientific formula- it happens, or it doesn't.

More than three-quarters of people think that what draws two people together is a spiritual connection and 43% of people say that within an hour of meeting their “the one,” they instinctively knew, just as Jay did.

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