One thing that has taken a beating for the last 10 months is our mental health. 2020 brought depression, anxiety, and a feeling of hopelessness. We thought when the calendar changed that things would change for the better as well.

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There seems to be even more happening around us that has us worrying. Take your pick what problem you want because there is plenty to go around. I'm afraid that 2021 will make 2020 look like a kiddie ride and I hope and pray (every day) that I'm wrong..

A recent report said that one in five adults struggle with their mental health with one in ten young people experiencing some major depression. Every turn we take seems to be another mental roadblock that slows us down and throwing us off the course called "life."

Are you finding yourself sleeping more or eating too much? Are you having sudden and severe mood swings? I found myself snapping at a friend of mine that didn't deserve it and that made me feel worse than I already did. Once again, I'm so sorry.

Maybe you can't get your mind to shut off or slow down. I'll find myself talking and in the middle of it, I'll think of something else that's totally unrelated to the conversation. If you listen to the Hawk Morning Show, you probably were listening when that happened. It's funny until it isn't.

If you or someone is experiencing any of this, it's time to reach out. You'd be amazed how many people want to help you and in return, you can help them. It's the circle of life that can get you back on course.

It's not easy but nothing worthwhile is. Try to get enough mental rest and physical activity every day. I also find that if I turn the TV news off  (the radio is okay), my day seems to go better and my body has better balance.

Remember this will come to an end and the people you love want you around when it does.

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