Since 2013, Dylan Scott has been pushing out singles for Curb Records (his first single "Makin' This Boy Go Crazy" charted for 10 weeks, peaking at number 54), but it wasn't until 2017 that Scott really broke through with  "My Girl," a lighthearted yet very personal song written about his wife. "My Girl" hit number one and then was certified as platinum. All Scott needed was that one stellar chart placer for the rest of the chips to fall into place. His current single, "Hooked" was actually an unreleased bonus track on Scott's self-titled 2016 debut album and reached number two on the country music charts.

Scott has had a couple other songs make it on the country music charts including "Crazy Over Me" which peaked at number 14 in September of 2015, and "Love Yourself" landed at 37  in February of 2016.

While the past few years have been quite the whirlwind for Scott, 2019 is going to be even more momentous as Scott recently announced that he's setting out on a headlining 'Nothing to Do Town' tour which will kick off in January. However, before he hits the road for his national tour, Scott will perform right here in Broome County at Touch of Texas on Upper Front Street in Binghamton on Friday, November 9th. Tickets to Scott's show are on sale now and can be bought at the Touch of Texas box office during business hours, by calling Touch of Texas during normal business hours at 607-771-1000, or online.

Get to know Dylan Scott before going to his show in Binghamton!

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    Chasing His Dreams

    Born in a rural part of northeastern Louisiana, Scott made the big move to Nashville with the hope that he would be able to further his music career and make a name for himself. Scott was attracted to the sound of artists like Merle Haggard and George Strait and dreamed of becoming the next Keith Whitley. However, once he landed in Nashville, Scott started playing around with his sound and found that he was drawn to the edgier sound of country music.

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    Family Man

    In 2016, Scott married Blair, who he met and fell in love with when he was in the 7th grade. Blair was the inspiration behind Scott's chart-topping song, "My Girl." In December of 2017, Scott and Blair welcomed a son named Beckett.

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    A Musical Family History

    According to Last FM,

    His father, Scotty, played guitar and sang harmony in the ‘70s and ‘80s with country artists Freddy Fender and Freddy Hart. Dylan’s great aunt Linda Robinson taught famed piano man, producer, and record executive Tony Brown, to play piano. And another relative, Marie Jarvis played piano with the famed Blackwood Brothers and The Stamps Quartet, who backed Elvis. When Dylan was two, she sat him on her lap and taught him to the rudiments of the keyboard.

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    Before He Was Famous

    Before Scott landed a record deal at the age of 19, he worked construction and as a part-time fitness trainer. Fitness remains a passion of Scott's. He calls himself a "fitness fanatic" and his dedication to working out shows in his muscular build.

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    Juggling Marriage and Life on the Road

    Even though Scott and his wife have known each other for most of their lives and they trust and support each other, Scott told Fox News that there's one area in their marriage that handles with as much respect as he can, and that is the subject of other females who appear in his music videos. Scott will not allow anything too romantic in his videos to happen between him and his female co-stars out of respect for his wife.

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