Valentine's Day is this Friday, February 14th and your man wants to take you to the Binghamton Devil's hockey game to celebrate. Do you think he's being romantic? According to science, he is and let me explain.

Standard Media did a scientific study and they concluded that men are more romantic than women. Reading this study is literally bringing me to tears. It looks like we have a consensus and we all know that a consensus is always right...Right?

Recently I asked Traci who is more romantic, her husband Jay or her? Her answer was Jay. What do you know, a consensus could really be right. Okay, I'll stop with the sarcasm.

So why are men more romantic according to science? Apparently it has to do with attitude and they found that men's attitudes are more romantic than women's. According to the study, men just prefer to hide our romantic essence from the public.

I wouldn't have expected that but when science fits my narrative, I'm going with it. Go here to find out more including how men are more likely to experience love at first sight. Although I think I know the answer to that and don't need a study to tell me why.

I think it's an awesome idea to take your love to the hockey game on Friday but if you don't do more than that, then your night could be as cold inside as it is outside...Here's a hint: It's going to be frigid and 15.

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