Happy Tax Day!! Today is the day to pay the Tax Man but do you still need more time? According to YouGov, you are not alone, 6% wait until the last minute or ask for an extension.

I find it ironic that a higher percentage of people (7%) actually ENJOY doing their taxes. I don't know any of them but who am I to argue. So are you part of the 6%?  You still have to file your extension today but you need a good reason.

These are not good reasons but you can try them if you want:

You could say that you are waiting to hear from Publisher's Clearing House for your big payday.

You can try to explain that the longer they wait, the more excited that they'll be when they finally get the return. Like the saying goes, "anticipation is half the fun."

I like what Will Rogers had to say about paying taxes. "We do not seem to be able to stop crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business."

I know that as an American, I'm happy to pay taxes but I could also be just as happy paying half. HAPPY TAX DAY or as a friend said to me, it's "Government's Go Fund Me" Day.

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