There hasn't been much good news when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. But if you owe money on your federal taxes and you need more time then this will help. Today (4/15) is usually the day to pay the Tax Man.

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In late March, United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin announced that the income tax filing deadline has been moved 90 days to July 15th. However, this only applies to federal taxes. Another piece of good news is that by moving the deadline, $300 billion will be kept in the economy.

This sounds like an odd question but do you enjoy doing your taxes? According to a recent study, 7% of people actually like preparing their own taxes. I don't know any of them but who am I to argue.

I know that as an American, I'm happy to pay my taxes but I could also be just as happy paying half. As a friend said to me, taxes are the Government's Go Fund Me program.

Okay, now that you've got a break from tax day, WHAT ABOUT MY STIMULUS CHECK? If you don't have it yet and want to know where it is, then go here.

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