A man being held on federal charges at the Broome County Jail is accused of damaging an expensive steel door at the facility.

Authorities say Conner Spells of Sacketts Harbor has been charged with criminal mischief after the incident at the jail in the town of Dickinson.

Spells is accused of throwing himself at a solid steel door that leads out of the facility from a recreation yard.

Based on a video recording, officials say Spells had been walking around the yard on the evening of March 22 when he lunged against the door. He then is seen dribbling a basketball before throwing himself against the door a second time.

The arrest of Spells followed a month-long investigation.

Administrative Sergeant Sean Pomeroy said although the door leads to the outside of the jail, officials don't believe Spells was attempting to escape.

Pomeroy said the lock mechanism on the door which is connected to the jail's computer system was damaged. The damage was so extensive that the entire door must be replaced.

Pomeroy said the county would seek restitution from Spells if the inmate is convicted of the charge.

Spells has been held at the jail on federal charges since last October.

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