Pennsylvania State Police in Susquehanna County say they are investigating a collision that has claimed the life of a teenager.

Troopers from the State Police Barrack in Gibson have issued a news release indicating a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian was reported at around 3:14 a.m. Saturday, October 23.

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Troopers responded to the call about a hit-and-run on State Route 171 in Clifford Township and say they found a teen lying across the roadway.

The 17-year-old boy from Vandling, Pennsylvania died in the incident. His name has not been released and Troopers have not said if the teen was pronounced dead at the scene or died at the hospital.

While authorities said in the news release that a suspect vehicle and driver have been identified, no information has been give as to whether that driver has been charged in the crash.  The driver's identity also has not been released by the authorities.

Again, Pennsylvania State Police say their investigation is continuing.

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