As the scorching days of summer draw (hopefully) to a close, nature decided to deliver one final (again, we hope) storm before the arrival of autumn in two weeks.

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Late summer storms are not uncommon, but every now and then, one will roar through with unexpected ferocity, leaving a lasting impact on those in its path.

Sweltering heat and increasing humidity over the last few days helped to brew a storm that brought dark clouds that ominously cast an eerie shadow over the Southern Tier.

The atmosphere crackled with electricity and as the storm gained strength, fierce winds lashed out, bending trees and rattling windows. Lightning illuminated the sky, while thunder roared.

Streets turned into rivers as relentless rain poured down, flooding low-lying areas and overwhelming drainage systems. Strong gusts toppled power lines and left many neighborhoods without electricity. Trees, no match for the storm's might, were uprooted and scattered across roadways and backyards.

We asked Southern Tier area residents to share their storm photos and it is really quite remarkable to see the severity of the storm in some areas while other areas appeared completely untouched.

Southern Tier Residents Share Summer Storm Photos

A late summer storm punched the Southern Tier on Thursday, September 9, and residents shared their experience through photos.

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