The Fat Cowboys Hitching Post in Port Crane is looking at a big change and it's happening very soon.

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The owners had high hopes for getting regular dinner crowds at the Post, but just like so many other things in 2023, it turned to be a real struggle. They talked to some experts, customers, and other people they trust, and they've decided that they need to switch things up.

Fat Cowboys Hitching Post becomes a special events venue

They've decided to make Fat Cowboys Hitching Post into a special events venue. It wasn't an easy decision, but they're hoping it will work out for the better. Here's the good news, although the Hitching Post will no longer be open full-time, it will continue to serve their popular holiday buffets and big events in a new way.

They have some themed nights like Italian and seafood buffets, first responder nights with proceeds being donated, and murder mysteries. Fat Cowboys Hitching Post will also still offer their venue for rent, catering to parties and weddings.

The bar will keep its license, and the staff will be available to cater to all of your party needs. Full-time catering services will also be available so you can still enjoy their favorite fried chicken dishes.

Fat Cowboys anticipates that the people who have come to enjoy the Hitching Post will find their way down the road to The Fat Cowboys BBQ. They are expanding the dining hours there and they will be open for lunch and on Mondays, seven days a week.

The changes to Fat Cowboys Hitching Post will begin on December 9th following their last full-time service. The owners say they think this shift in direction will bring more excitement and success to the restaurant.

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