By now, I hope that you've heard of the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols. In 2019, they finished second in USA Today's Best Haunted Hotels contest, behind the Mizpah Hotel in Nevada.

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In 2020, my daughter Tara turned 16 in November and I told her that I would take her anywhere for her birthday. She has always been fascinated with the paranormal, in fact, her YouTube channel is called "Paranormal Girl."

So it was no surprise to me, that she chose the Fainting Goat as her birthday destination. I reserved the most haunted room at the Fainting Goat called the "Alpine Room" and you can find out if the doll moved and if we made it the whole night here.

November is only a few months away and I was just having a conversation with Tara about going back there again this year. Then we found out about this.

Fainting Goat Island Inn In Nichols Nominated For 10 Best Haunted Hotels 

The Fainting Goat has been nominated again by USA Today in the 10 Best Haunted Hotels in the USA contest. They were so close last time (USA Today didn't do the contest last year because of the pandemic) and it's time to make the Fainting Goat the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

You can vote once a day through September 10th, so go here and let your voice be heard. Marnie and Bill are the Fainting Goat Island Inn caretakers ( ah ah ah) and if you have a chance, you should visit them. Tara and I are going back and here are some of the highlights from our first visit.

Fainting Goat Island Inn

Don't forget to vote for the Fainting Goat Island Inn every day until September 10th and good luck to Marnie and Bill. If you love the paranormal then you'll love this.

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