Many of you may not know that I don't know a lot about basketball. It probably doesn't surprise you much, but I've got to put that out here before you look at my bracket and say, "What was she thinking?!"

This is my first bracket and the first time I've ever really cared about the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge and I've got to say, it's a lot of fun! I even found myself watching Sports Center over the last few days (rare occurrence). Also, PLEASE do not judge my choices in teams,clearly Basketball predicting is not in my future!

If you haven't filled out your bracket yet, I highly encourage you to do so! It's fun to fill out, exciting, and (drum roll please) FREE! There aren't many chances for you to participate in the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge without paying at least $5 and with The Hawk, you don't even have to do that! For the rules, here they are!

Now, if you know Glenn, you know that he KNOWS basketball, which can definitely make this interesting. He completed his bracket through hard thought and by using his prior knowledge. I had my own method, coin tossing! Yes, I flipped a coin - not on every game, but on a handful, yes I did, and I believe that my method can work for me!

A few days ago, Glenn challenged me personally, which means that this just got a LOT more fun. If you don't remember what I'll have to do if Glenn wins, or want to compare our brackets, you can see them both here.

As far as my side of the wager- if I win, Glenn has to recreate Taylor Swift's, Shake It Off. In case you're wondering, this will include multiple costume changes, exciting dancing moves, and DEFINITELY the rap towards the end ("my ex man brought his new girlfriend..."). I know, I know - PURE GOLD.

All I can do now, is cross my fingers and hope my bracket wins!