The madness has begun. Some say that today is the least productive work day of the year. Everyone is filling and re-filling their bracket.

Syracuse is out of the tournament, so I figure that I'll have a clear mind this year. In other words, I don't have to figure how soon they'll be knocked out. Emily and I are placing a wager, it's not a million dollars, it's better.

You could win a million or 10,000 dollars. It's free and fun. Here's how!

Emily and I are making a bet. Emily knows NOTHING about men's college basketball. That's what she's claiming, although she knows what a free throw and a dribble is.

I'm giving her 3 hints. Kentucky is undefeated, a 12 seed has beaten a 5 seed every year and only once have all the #1 seeds made it to the Final Four.

It was tough picking a 12 over 5. I changed and took Wyoming over Northern Iowa. I also changed and took Arizona over Wisconsin in the Quarter Finals. This isn't as clear as I thought....but I'm not worrying about 'Cuse disappointing me.

So when I win, Emily will have to wear my Tigger suit on the corner of Court and State Street. Some may not know this but Emily was a part of American Idol so I know she can sing. So when she's standing at the corner, she'll sing my favorite song of all time, Elvira.

So now the gauntlet has been laid down. What will Emily's bet be? It doesn't matter, she's not winning anyway. I mean really, she's flipping coins to pick winners. Go here to see her picks and what I'll have to do IF I lose.

I hope you'll join us and take the challenge as well. You have until Noon on Thursday (3/19) to get your final picks in.

Here are my picks. Good luck with yours.