My 40th birthday is coming up and my husband is either really amazingly sly and has something awesome planned or he's telling me the truth and has zero ideas what to do so isn't going to do anything.

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I know that I'm not the easiest person to buy gifts for. There's very little that I actually want that isn't practical and I'm not really big on clothes that scream out "it's my birthday!" or "hey, I'm 40!" I mean, the birthday shirt can only be worn one day each year (as long as it fits the next year) and the shirts that scream out a person's age are only good for that year. So I was really surprised when my husband showed me a shirt he found on Amazon that read, "it's my 40th birthday."  The shirt was like $30 and I'd only wear it one day. I appreciated his effort but shot down the idea of buying the shirt.

But what if I did want a shirt? What if I wanted something to mark my milestone age and something that wasn't so age-specific that I actually could wear it year after year? I decided to poke around Amazon just out of curiosity and I found some shirts that aren't completely hideous that actually would make a good gift for someone turning 40 but who doesn't want to make such a flashy clothing statement.

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