Easter was certainly better this year than last year. Easter 2020, the kids could sleep in because there was no physical church to go to and relatives couldn't come over for Easter dinner.

We thought by now that things would be back to normal because we were coming to the end of our two-week pause to flatten the curve. Some restrictions have been lifted but there is still limited capacity at restaurants and indoor/outdoor gatherings.

Easter Weekend Getaway

I have to admit that It was nice to be able to go to my parents in Pennsylvania and enjoy an awesome home-cooked ham lunch and dinner. Nothing like getting away to help but things in proper perspective.

It also reminded me of something that I learned last year: Quit watching the national news. Check-in and then check out.

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I stayed away from it all Easter weekend and it's amazing how much better I felt inside. I changed my focus, reset my priorities and it's lowered my anxiety. I was ready for the upcoming week then...

I come to work on Monday morning and see the latest crisis in the news. Apparently, there is a growing coronavirus variant, although I'm not seeing much mentioned about any increasing deaths.

It makes me wonder, why does the world with the worst news make the loudest noise? Here's what I think, the good news needs to be louder...whatever it may be.

Here's my good news

I realized that there is so much that I can't control like politics and the circumstances that surround me like higher gas prices. I need to release what I can't control and LIVE. When I let it go, it has less control over me.

What's your good news?

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