Easter is on Sunday, April 9th and many of us are getting ready for the bunny to visit our house and leave our kids some candy. It's also a week that we tell Easter Bunny jokes.

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It's also Holy Week with Maunday Thursday (when the Last Supper Was Held), Good Friday (the day that Christ was crucified), Holy Saturday (Saturday was silent...but Sunday is coming), and Easter Sunday (Christians celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection).

It is an important week and a day that changed everything for eternity. We know how the story ends so we can smile. You know what else can bring a smile to your face? Bible jokes.

Bible Jokes For Easter

Let's start with my personal favorite:

Did you know that there was a DJ in the Bible? It was Jesus because he turned tables. (turntables)

What biblical city is against the COVID mask mandate? Damascus (De-mask us)

What excuse did Adam give to his children as to why they no longer lived in Eden? Your mother ate us out of house and home.

Did you know that Jeremiah owned a French candy store? He had Laments. (La Mints)

Want more? Here you go.

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