Aprils Fools Jokes have come and gone, spring is coming on strong and this weekend we will nosh on jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and maybe a few painted hard-boiled eggs.

One of the few Sunday holidays you can count on each year, even if you’re not a mother or father, Easter Sunday is for everyone.

The holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ for believers, as many churches will hold special services on that day.

While it's not a federal holiday, although many businesses will close their doors.

There are Easter egg hunts within the community, and in the homes of families too.

Looking back at my childhood, my mother always made Easter fun. She would hide our baskets and put clues all around the house, keeping us engaged in the hunt to find our Easter candy.

One year she hid my brother Mike’s Easter basket in the trunk of her car, it was a cold day in March for that holiday, and when Mike finally found his basket, the candy was frozen solid.

When I was a little boy she would take mud and paint bunny tracks across the kitchen floor and then say to us, "Look what that Easter Bunny did!".

I enjoy spending time with my family, and with the addition of our granddaughter Alice, my wife and I are looking forward to carrying on the traditions we remember from our youth.

Whatever you’re doing this Easter Sunday, I hope you enjoy some time with family and friends.

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