While many of our holidays involve candy, like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Easter brings us some of the most unique kinds of candy.

Peeps are probably the most polarizing type of candy. Somewhere between a marshmallow and a Sweet Tart, Peeps are a highly debated candy choice. Some people hate them, some loves them. Some like them stale and hard, some like them soft and fresh. Whatever way you enjoy eating Peeps, they do not take the cake as the best Easter candy. The chocolate covered ones are delicious though.

Jelly Beans are closely associated with the Easter season. Even though they are technically beans, they do look like little eggs. Licorice and Buttered Popcorn have been the top two flavors over the last couple years, and that is just plain gross. Having those beans representing your cause automatically take these guys out of the best candy competition. The Starburst beans, however, are the best.

When going through the list of Easter candy, we come across many forms of eggs. We have caramel crème eggs, Cadbury eggs, even those malted chocolate eggs. A close second place to the best Easter candy is the Hershey’s candy-coated eggs. Sometimes simplicity can go a long way, and the Hershey’s eggs do just that!

The ultimate and best Easter candy is……the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. A near perfect candy before its Easter makeover, these bad boys take the cake. Why? Because of ratio. Reese’s has the most distinct flavor profile out there, especially when it comes to peanut butter. Just when you thought an original peanut butter cup can’t get better, it does. The egg form of this candy cuts down on the chocolate a little and ramps up the peanut butter content. That is why it is the best East Candy out there.

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