September 28th is National Drink Beer Day. Is it me or does it seem strange celebrating drinking beer on a Monday? If if you are thinking about celebrating today, it's easy to find a kind of beer that you'll like. I'm more of a cider fan myself.

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If you plan on going out to celebrate, don't forget that you'll have to get something to eat as well. Who would have guessed last year at this time that would be a requirement at the bar? It's not a law but it might as well be.

Speaking of laws, here are some drinking laws that would have seemed strange before 2020:

Ladies Nights are banned in Pennsylvania. This happened after a lawsuit was made by two men, they complained that women getting a free drink violated the public accommodation law. It's also illegal in Wisconsin and California.

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny can't promote alcohol in Washington D.C. Who needs the jolly fat man when we can watch the politicians bicker back and forth about the Supreme Court nomination and the election. That is enough to want to make anyone drink.

You can't have a tab in Iowa. You can leave a credit card with the bartender but you can't go into the bar like Norm from Cheers and say "put it on my tab."

Last year, we would have thought these laws to be strange but welcome to 2020 when it just feels like just another day.

As always, if you decide to celebrate, celebrate safely.

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