There have been several studies that have found people who drink coffee live longer, but none of them really figured out why. Good news everyone! Scientists at Stanford University just completed a study on why coffee is a plus for longevity.

Here's why:

As we age, one of the biggest issues that our body has is inflammation. Swelling really speeds up aging, it damages overall health, and it can lead to  Alzheimer's, heart attacks, and hypertension. But!!Here's the good news, the chemical compounds in coffee help stop swelling! So if you drink a ton of coffee a day like me, the swelling will be kept to a minimum. Slowing the aging process.

Now your saying to yourself "Self, why aren't we being prescribed an anti-inflammatory after we hit lets say, 40?" Well, Ibuprofen is one of them, and it wreaks havoc on your digestive tract.  So you'll not age as fast, but you'll burn your stomach lining to bits. It's give and take really. Drink coffee my friend. you're all good.

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